Since its inception in 2012, ITU has been redefining modern education and the perception of research-oriented universities in Pakistan. The Faculty of Science has developed and provided solutions to several local problems and remains committed to not only generating research-based solutions, but also to developing solutions that can be scaled up and can constructively impact the mores of modern industry and education.
Currently, our main areas of research range from Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain technologies. In addition, we offer degree courses in Computer Science and Data Science that aim to bridge the knowledge and skills gap in the industry and academia of our country. The receptive nature of Computer Science affords exciting and seamless collaborations across disciplines like Bioinformatics, Cryptography, Quantum Computing, etc. Therefore, looking forward, the Faculty of Science at ITU also intends to launch degree programs in Cyber Security and Natural Sciences.
Our teaching methods not only focus on making students academically sound, but also on transforming them into motivated professionals who have well-honed and well-tested skills to take on different industrial challenges. Furthermore, our collaborations with top-tier educational institutions across the globe provide our students a unique opportunity to closely work with different research groups worldwide and familiarize themselves with state-of-the-art practices and tools. The high acceptance rate of our alumni in top graduate programs and in executive positions in major IT companies all over the world, speaks for our teaching practices and the promise we offer.