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Dr. Faisal Kamiran
Associate Professor
PhD - Computer Science, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Netherlands

Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Text Mining, Descriptive and Predictive Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, Recommender Systems, Constrain Based Learning, Big Data


Dr Faisal Kamiran received his PhD degree from The Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), The Netherlands in 2011. Afterwads, he joined King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) as a post-doctorate fellow. Faisal joined ITU in 2013 as the first tenure-track professor and currently he is working as an assistant professor and is the Director of Data Science Lab (DSL). Under his aspiring leadership, DSL is working on cutting edge research projects with a particular focus on solving locally relevant problems, e.g., disease outbreak prediction and spatiotemporal analytics of crime data, and so forth. Here, details of the projects can be found.

Faisal is doing research in the well-established area of data science. In his brief research career, he has already published more than 25- refereed papers in various prestigious journals and conferences. His publication list includes four ICDM papers (A* data mining venue), one ECML/PKDD, two KAIS journal papers and several other high-quality papers. According to Google scholar, Dr Faisal Kamran’s H-index is 7, and his research work has more than 300 citations.

Selected Publications:
  1. S. Mansha, F. Kamiran, A. Karim, A. Anwar. "A Self-Organizing Map for Identifying Influential Communities in Speech-based Networks", In Proc. CIKM 2016, Indianapolis USA. [CORE Flag 'A']
  2. S. Mansha, Z. Babar, F. Kamiran, A. Karim. "Neural Network Based Association Rule Mining from Uncertain Data" In Proc. ICONIP 2016. Kyoto Japan. [CORE Flag 'A']
  3. A. Anwar, S. Mansha, F. Kamiran, A. Karim. “Identification of Influential Users in Speech Based Networks”, In Proc. PACIS 2016. Chiayi Taiwan. [CORE Flag 'A']
  4. A. Rafae, A. Qayyum, M. Moeen Uddin, A. Karim, H. Sajjad and F. Kamiran. “An Unsupervised Method for Discovering Lexical Variations in Roman Urdu Informal Text”. In Proc. EMNLP 2015: 823-828. Lisbon, Portugal.  [CORE Flag 'A']
  5. S. Ruggieri, S. Hajian, F. Kamiran and X. Zhang. “Anti-discrimination Analysis Using Privacy Attack Strategies”.  In Proc. ECML/PKDD 2014.  Nancy, France. [CORE Flag 'A']
  6. T. Calders, A. Karim, F. Kamiran  and X. Zhang. “Controlling Attribute Effect in Linear Regression”. In Proc. ICDM 2013. IEEE press. Dallas, USA. [CORE Flag 'A*']
  7. F. Kamiran, A. Karim and X. Zhang. “Decision theory for discrimination-aware classification”.  In Proc. ICDM 2012. IEEE press. Brussels, Belgium [CORE Flag 'A*']
  8. F. Kamiran, I.  Žliobaitė and T. Calders. “Quantifying explainable discrimination and removing illegal discrimination in automated decision making”. Accepted for publication in Knowledge and Information System (SCI indexed journal; Springer), 2012. [Impact Factor = 1.782]
  9. I.  Žliobaitė, F. Kamiran and T. Calders. “Handling conditional discrimination”. In Proc. ICDM 2011. IEEE press. Vancouver, Canada. [CORE Flag 'A*']
  10. F. Kamiran and T. Calders. “Data pre-processing techniques for classification without discrimination”. Knowledge and Information System (SCI indexed journal; Springer), 2011. [Impact Factor = 1.782]
  11. F. Kamiran, T. Calders, and M. Pechenizkiy. “Constructing decision trees under non-discriminatory constraints”. In Proc. ICDM 2010. IEEE press. Sydney, Australia. [CORE Flag 'A*']

2009 Best student paper award, IEEE IC4 conference 2006 Obtained first position in the examination for the recruitment of business intelligence analysts for a federal government organization by the Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan in 2006. 2004 Obtained top position in M.Sc. examination (gold medalist).

  • IEEE member
  • ACM member
Research Collaborations with:
  • Prof. Dr. Dino Pedreschi, CNR Pisa and the University of Pisa, Italy.
  • Prof Dr. Asim Karim, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Pakistan.
  • Prof. Dr. Indrė Žliobaitė, Bournemouth University, UK.
  • Prof. Dr. Toon Calders, Librė University of Brussels, Belgium.