ITU has been pushing the frontiers of inter-disciplinary research since its inception in 2012. This objective resulted in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences being established in 2015. Consequently, new pathways have been opened to increasingly relevant problems which allows scholars to focus on interdisciplinary realms which rarely cross paths otherwise. For example, Data Science and Economics or Language and Digital Landscapes.
The Faculty of Humanities and Social Science not only consists of a diverse group of scholars, but also involves a unique blend of teaching methodologies with a particular focus on research. Our current areas of research range from policy and development to language acquisition and frameworks of governance.
At present, we offer two degrees; a Master’s in Development Studies and a Bachelor’s in Economics and Data Science. Our BS program is indeed unique, and has no local parallel.
Both are interdisciplinary in nature and boast an impressive faculty, as well as the opportunity to engage in funded research projects.