Computer science program at ITU is distinguished by the excellence of the faculty, main focus on research, and by the breadth of its Ph.D. program. The department has been growing steadily since its founding in 2012, and currently has about 360 students and 14 full time faculty members, out of which 11 are with Ph.D. degrees and Postdoc experience. The Doctor of Philosophy is a research degree and is awarded on the basis of scholarly proficiency, distinctive achievement in a special field, and the capacity for independent, original investigation.


The Doctor of Philosophy program in Computer Science at ITU will have two principal objectives for the intellectual development and the educational experience of participating graduate students. First, the program is intended to provide technically oriented and scientific postgraduate education to the motivated knowledge seekers and researchers. Second, the program will offer students opportunities to study the philosophical and theoretical foundations underlying the discipline. These two objectives will lead to intellectual growth in ITU students. The central mechanism for this intellectual growth will be the preparation of a research-intensive thesis. Students will be required to conduct, report, and defend original research that makes a scholarly contribution to their field. Prior to commencing their thesis work, candidates will be required to prepare a detailed research proposal, which includes a thorough review of the relevant scientific literature, formal description of the research problem and some preliminary notions about the methodology. At this stage, guided by their faculty supervisor(s), students will learn how to clearly define a research problem and how to specify a systematic plan for its investigation. They will learn the methodologies used for the analysis of the problem, which may include experimental techniques, numerical/mathematical methods and software tools.

  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Admission Test
  • Fellowship
  • Completion of at least 18 years of education (MS/MPhil/equivalent) in Computer Science, or any other related field, from an HEC recognized university
  • Scored at least 70% in the annual system, or CGPA of at least 3.0, in the relevant terminal degree. Thesis work is mandatory.
  • Scored at least 70% in the ITU Graduate Admissions Test
    To be exempted from the ITU Graduate Admission Test:
    GRE General Test conducted by, with a score that is at least the 70th percentile in both, the Quantitative section and Verbal section

General Notes

Note: Per HEC rules, candidates who have completed 12 years of education and obtained degrees other than Matriculation (SSC) or Intermediate (HSSC) may be required to obtain an equivalence certificate from the Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC), Islamabad.

Applicants to the PhD programs have to take the ITU Graduate Admission Test. A minimum score of 70% is required.

The ITU Graduate Admission Test will be held at the ITU campus in Arfa Software Technology Park in Lahore. SOPs as defined by government for the COVID-19 situation will be followed.
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Entry Test Sample
Entry Test Pattern

ITU has introduced the Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Program for all doctoral candidates enrolled in a full-time course of study at ITU. Each Pre-Doctoral Fellow will be given PKR 80,000 per month.