Introduction of the Program:


The Bachelor’s of Science (BS) in Computer Science program at the Information Technology University of the Punjab (ITU) aims to impart a research-oriented and design-centered education producing individuals that would transform the IT industry of Pakistan. Our curriculum is intelligently tailored to meet the knowledge and skills gap in the industry. In addition, courses are taught by renowned faculty with diverse national and international experiences. Research at ITU’s multiple research centers is rigorous and is undertaken in active collaboration with foreign and local partners. By becoming involved with a diverse array of research projects, our students add to their classroom knowledge and, gain hands-on, practical work experience to sharpen their skills. Ultimately, the combination of our well-designed curriculum, highly experienced and foreign qualified faculty, and opportunities to hone skills through practical research experience means that our students graduate as highly skilled professionals ready for a competitive job market.

The Department of Computer Science at Information Technology University has been awarded the highest-rated “W” category by the National Computing Education and Accreditation Council (NCEAC).

  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Admission Test
  • Fee Structure
  • Program Structure
Who can apply?

Applicants who have completed their F.Sc., ICS, A’ Levels, High School Diploma, International Baccalaureate or equivalent, or will do so in the 2021 session.

  • Scored 60% marks or above in Matriculation or equivalent examination
  • Scored 60% marks or above in Intermediate or equivalent examination*
  • Minimum score is 50% in the ITU Admissions Test
  • To be exempted from the ITU Admissions Test:
    SAT I with at least 550 score in each section: Math and EBRW (Verbal)


  • Successfully cleared 3 subjects in A-Levels – at least one of the following subjects is mandatory (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Computer Studies)
  • A GPA of at least B in American High School Diploma
  • Scored at least 28 out of 45 points in International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

General Notes

Note: Per HEC rules, candidates who have completed 12 years of education and obtained degrees other than Matriculation (SSC) or Intermediate (HSSC) may be required to obtain an equivalence certificate from the Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC), Islamabad.

AS Level and General Studies are not accepted

Applicants can take the ITU Admission Test OR submit their SAT scores for admission to ITU.

ITU Admission Test

The ITU Admission Test will be held at the ITU campus an Arfa Software Technology Park in Lahore.
SOPs for Covid-19, as prescribed by the government, will be strictly followed.
The test will be 2-hours long and will comprise mostly of Multiple-Choice Questions. For information about dates please click here here.

Entry Test Pattern
Sample Test


Applicants who have taken the SAT (through Collegeboard USA) during the last two years, may be exempted from the ITU Admissions Test. SAT scores must be reported to ITU officially from the testing agency. The college code for reporting SAT scores to ITU is 7537. Please refer to the Collegeboard website for details about the SAT test and score report delivery.

Discipline Required SAT Test Minimum Score
BS-Computer Science
SAT I – Math.
SAT I – Verbal

For information about dates please click here.

Program Duration 8 semesters (4 years)
Tuition Fee per Credit Hour Rs. 5,500
Total No. of Credit Hours 130 – 140
Minimum Course Load (15 credit hours) Rs. 82,500
University Charges Per Semester Rs. 24,000

Note: If the fee exceeds Rs. 200,000 per annum, 5% Income Tax will be added u/s 236I of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.

Information Technology University is home to some of the most venerated academic programs in the world, having established the fields of technology, the first technology research oriented university in Pakistan.

BS Computer Science

Structure – Roadmap:

Fall Semester : Semester I
Course Title Credit Hours
English Composition and Comprehension 3
Calculus and Analytical Geometry 3
Pakistan Studies 3
Computing Fundamentals and Programming 4
Computer Science Soup 4
Quran Translation-I 1
Foundation Maths -I (for pre medical students) 3
Spring Semester : Semester II
Course Title Credit Hours
Communication Skills 3
Differential Equations 3
Basic Electronics 4
Object Oriented Programming 4
Islamic Studies 3
Foundation Maths -II (for pre medical students) 3
Fall Semester : Semester III
Course Title Credit Hours
University Elective I 3
Linear Algebra 3
Digital Logic Design 4
Data Structures and Algorithms 4
Discrete Structures 3
Quran Translation-II 1
Spring Semester : Semester IV
Course Title Credit Hours
University Elective II 3
Multivariate Calculus 3
Computer Architecture and Assembly Language 4
Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3
Databases Systems 4
Fall Semester : Semester V
Course Title Credit Hours
Probability & Statistics 3
Computer Science Elective I 3
Artificial Intelligence 4
Operating Systems 4
Computer Science Elective II 3
Quran Translation-III 1
Spring Semester : Semester VI
Course Title Credit Hours
Computing General Education 3
Computer Science Elective III 3
Computer Science Elective IV 3
Theory of Automata 3
Data Communication and Computer Networks 4
Parallel and Distributed Computing 3
Fall Semester : Semester VII
Course Title Credit Hours
Technical and Business Writing 3
Numerical Computing 3
Software Engineering 3
Compiler Construction 3
Computer Science Elective V 3
Final Year Project I 3
Quran Translation-IV 1
Spring Semester : Semester VIII
Course Title Credit Hours
University Elective III 3
University Elective IV* 3
CS Elective VI (Human Computer Interaction) 3
Information Security 3
Final Year Project II 3

*The University Elective IV is inclusive of Social Service that has one credit.