The Faculty of Business and Management Science offers 2 programs, EMBA (formerly known as EMBITE) and BS Management and Technology. Both these programs are designed to leverage ITU’s established excellence in technology and impact the practice of management, while giving the students an integrated command over tech innovation.
The EMBA, designed for maximum flexibility combined with maximum rigor, focuses on data analysis and technology-oriented entrepreneurship. It benefits from the combination of faculty quality, innovative program design and exciting learning methodologies.
While in the BSMT program, with the help of world-class faculty and leading change-makers as guest speakers, we use data from local entrepreneurs and the best practices of global market leaders to help understand how innovation and cost management is a critical need for people starting new businesses in today’s fast paced and ever changing economy.
Offering courses such as Artificial Intelligence, Engineering and Programming paired with industry experience and technology innovation, we ensure that our graduates are ready to put their ideas to test and lead the change.