march 31 2016

Thursday, 31st March 2016
08:30 am - 10:00 am


6th Floor Auditorium, Arfa Software Technology Park

The Nano-science of Solar Cells

The ITU Department of Training and Events cordially invites you to a talk by Zain Zaidi on The Nano-science of Solar Cells.

Zain Zaidi was previously a Teaching Fellow at ITU and he taught a class on Electromagnetic Field Theory in Spring 2015. He is currently pursuing a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. He completed his Bachelors and Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in June ’14 and December ’14 respectively. His interests include nanoelectronics, plasmonics and optoelectronics, and his current research is focused on making flexible solar cells by improving photon management.