feb 22 2017

Wednesday, 22-Feb-2017
03:00 pm - 06:00 pm


6th Floor Main Computer Lab , Arfa Software Technology Park, 346B Ferozepur Road, Lahore.


Makerfest in partnership with DIY GEEKS, brings you the ultimate guide for kicking maker culture in Pakistan.

What we do?

We are promoting maker movement in Pakistan and are pioneers in this line of work. What we basically do is that we sell electronic components. Virtually, we are an online store and physically a makerspace. Online we do three things: we sell components, we teach their hardware and introduce how their software works. Physically, we do community meetups, workshops like Graphic-Designing, Web-development, Arduino, IoT, and Android application development. We also have a special event, DIY for HER, for females in which we teach a merge of art and technology.


DIY GEEKS is a community based startup working on bringing maker movement to Pakistan and infusing DIY Culture in the people. The problem, however, is that people here are not exposed to even simple levels of technology needed to solve their day-to- day problems. Reason behind this phase difference to other countries is the fact that our schools don’t push students to think out of the box, to innovate. Eventually these students out-source their engineering projects in University.

So, this is the part where DIY GEEKS come in. We are trying to make programmable electronics easy for an average person and we want people to make what they want to make for themselves. So, we are offering one stop solution for engineering students, geeks, nerds and hobbyists of any age. We have an online website where we provide easy DIY tutorials in the form of recipes. Not only that but we also couple our tutorials with the components/parts needed to build them.

Some of our communities:
Geeks Hangout: https://goo.gl/Vol55Q
DIY For Her: https://goo.gl/57sd9m
Event Breakdown:
  • Intro to Android App Development
  • Android App with MQTT & HTTP
  • Getting started with NodeMCU (ESP8266)
  • Controlling NodeMCU with Android + MQTT
  • Design and Implementation of IoT
  • Android Workshop: Wednesday, 22-Feb-2017– Timings: 3pm -6 pm.
  • IoT Workshop: Thursday, 23, Feb, 2017– Timings: 11:45am – 2:45 pm
What to bring:
  •  Android phone and data cable for debugging (not necessary but recommended).
For Further Coordination:
Contact: 03144133223