Application Deadline
October 1st, 2020.

Python Programming for Young Wizards



The course is designed for beginner level programmers and may not required any prior programming knowledge. Its better that the participants have a working knowledge of computer, files, internet and basic components of computer hardware.

Course is 20 hours of classwork, divided into 10 lectures, 2 hours each.

Topics covered

  Topics Covered
Lecture 1 Introduction to Programming and algorithms. Introduction to Python
Lecture 2 Getting Started with Python development, text output, console etc. Syntax and variables
Lecture 3 Numbers, strings, casting, strings and operators
Lecture 4 Arrays, Lists, sets, tuples and dictionaries
Lecture 5 Control statements, if, if-else, while loop, for loop
Lecture 6 Functions, Lambda and recursion
Lecture 7 Classes and objects
Lecture 8 Modules and File handling
Lecture 9 Internet, sockets, Json or CSV parsing etc
Lecture 10 Introduction to Tkinter,  basic UI in Python

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