Application Deadline
October 1st, 2020.

Mobile Development (Android)


Lecture 1 Introduction to mobile application development. Limitations, challenges, advantages and design considerations for the mobile platform.
  Introduction to Android studio, a hello world application
Lecture 2 Role of XML in Android apps, layouts, strings, manifest, menu and more
  Working with multi-screen applications, Activities and their working
  Menus, Buttons, Text Fields and other basic user interface elements on Android
Lecture 3 Android Intents and interaction between different applications.
  Broadcasts and Broadcast receivers in Java and their applications
Lecture 4 Internet connected apps, connecting sockets, making web requests and staying connected, downloading photos and text, handling JSON
  Background processing, threads and AsyncTasks in Android
Lecture 5 Android Services and their working, how to make Services talk to the Activities
Lecture 6 Design considerations, working with variety of screen sizes and resolutions
  Signatures, signing apps for app store, basics of Google Play store and publishing, Analytics, Firebase , Ads etc
Lecture 7 Persistent Data Storage in Android, handling file system and more
Lecture 8 Working with Sensors like Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Light sensors, Temperature sensors etc in Android
Lecture 9 Handling Camera and pictures, an example app
Lecture 10 Handling GPS, location, google maps and making an example app using that.

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