July 03

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014
05:00 pm - 06:30 pm


Auditorium, 6th floor, Arfa Software Technology Park

Lecture by Benjamin Linder: “Design & Entrepreneurship Iteration”

Dr. Benjamin Linder, who holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, and teaches design at the Olin College of Engineering in the United States, will be giving a video lecture at Information Technology University (ITU). The lecture is titled :Design Iteration & Entrepreneurship Iteration” and shall explore the issues of design iteration in terms of software and hardware. It will also touch upon the similarities between design and entrepreneurship iteration, and the importance of bringing in the business dimension before design goes too far and becomes unfeasible. Dr. Linder’s lecture has been organized by ITU’s Innovations for Poverty Alleviation Lab (IPAL), and is part of Design Lab 2, a course currently being offered at the university.