Application Deadline
October 1st, 2020.

Game Development And Modeling(Unity)

Course Details


The course will help you learn game development for mobile and PC platforms. The course is a hands-on program with actual development of a few games like a first-person shooter, running game, racing game, 2d games and more. We will be using Unity 3D as our main tool while we will be touching a few other tools like Photoshop for textures, Make Human, Maya and a few other tools for 3D models, humanoids and rigging and we will look into a few resources on web from where we can get free and paid assets.

Course Outline:

Session 1 Introduction to game development, game loop, life cycle, development process, tools and techniques needed, software installation and basic components of a game.
Session 2 Building your first 3D scene, what is 2D and 3D game perspective, sprites, game objects, animations and their use in Unity
Session 3 Game object transformations, translation, rotation, scaling in game scenes. Objects, colliders, rigid bodies, gravity and game physics. Position, velocity, speed, acceleration and momentum. Physics material and rendering material
Session 4 Particle systems, environments, trees, terrains, building your first full game. An aircraft game with enemies. Setting your first light and camera.
Session 5 Handling camera for racing game, flying game, 2d games, running games, bird eye view game, 3rd person game, first person game etc. Adding water, smoke, mountains, trees and other objects on terrain
Session 6 A talk about textures and normal maps. Lights, shaders and making scenes that work best on different platforms. Running a same scene on PC, mobile and web. Where to get your assets – Asset store, websites vs make your own, what is better.
Session 7 Introduction to 3d models, humanoids and other objects. What are humanoids and what is rigging. Creating your own humanoid characters simple and easy with a free tool, rigging them.
Session 8 Using animated humanoids in game, making our FPS game with AI enemies, adding weapons, firing and killing enemies. Creating multi scene game.
Session 9 Making a 2D game for a change. Understanding game market, and importance of 2D games. How to optimize your game for low end platforms and mobiles.
Session 10 How to publish your game on play store. A summary of publishing your game on iTunes store will be shared too. How to monetize your game, free vs paid games, adding ads to your games using Admob.