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Advance Algorithms MS(CS) Fall 2016

Course Information

Lecture timings Tue 05:15PM – 06:45PM in LT4 Wed 6:00p.m – 7:30p.m
Required text S. Dasgupta, Algorithms CLRS, Introduction to Algorithms (3rd Ed)
Prerequisite Discrete Structure Discrete Mathematics and its Applications

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Date News
Week 1 Here is the Lecture notes and Home work..

Week 2 Here is the Lecture#3, Lecture#4 and HomeWork#2.

Week 3 Here is the Lecture#5 and Lecture#6 notes.

Week 4 Here is the Lecture#7 and Lecture#8 notes.

Solutions Here are the solutions of
HomeWork 3, 4 Here is the Homework#3 and Homework#4.

Week 5 Here is the Lecture#9,Lecture#10 notes and Quiz#3 Solution

Week 6 Here is the Lecture#11 and Lecture#12 notes.

Mid-term Solution
Week 7 Here is the Lecture#13notes.

Home work Here is the Home work # 5 .

Week 8 Here is the Lecture#14 and Lecture#15 notes.

Week 9 Here is the Lecture#16 and Lecture#17 notes.

Homework Here is the Homework # 6.

Week 10 Here is the Lecture#18 and Lecture#19 notes.

Week 11 Here is the Lecture#20 and Lecture#21 notes.

Home work Here is the Home work # 7 .



There will be homeworks, in-class quizzes, presentations, some lecture notes and two exams. The grade break down will be as follows:

– Homeworks and Quizzes (45%)- Presentations (10%)- Lecture Notes (5%)- Exams (15% + 25%)Note : Final grades will be curved.

The homework assignments will be related to topics which we will discuss in class.
Students have to submit homework individually.
To fairly account for natural disasters and emergencies, everyone is allowed to skip one homework and one quiz. If you choose to solve all homeworks(quizzes), your homework(quiz) with the least score will be discarded while computing your final grade.
25% credit will be given for any question for clearly marking the question with “I DON’T KNOW”. Questions with an entirely wrong answer will get 0% credit, but a partially correct answer will get partial credit. So if u don’t have any idea about a problem, it’s better for you to admit that you don’t know something, rather than trying to fake it. But, if you have some idea, but its not entirely correct but is partially correct, you should show your partial solution

Academic dishonesty

Under the Honor Code, each of you is expected to submit your own work in this course. However, as outlined above, for the homework submissions, you are allowed to work in groups or to ask for general advice from the course staff or other experts. Such activity is both acceptable and encouraged, but you must indicate any collaboration or assistance on your solution sets.
Any collaboration or assistance that is not given proper citation may be considered a violation of the Honor Code.
You are responsible for understanding and being able to explain the solutions you submit.
In case of plagiarism you may receive an ‘F’ grade in this course along with penalties dictated by university policy. The course staff will actively pursue any suspected cases of Honor Code violations.