“As the world copes with unprecedented changes to our daily lives and how we function, universities that provide high quality education and enable world-class research have become fundamentally vital for the society’s functioning and well-being. ITU is, without doubt, a rising star among the universities in Pakistan. In just nine years since its inception ITU has achieved top placements for its graduating students at world’s leading educational institutions and companies, produced research results that have been published at top international peer-reviewed conferences and journals, given birth to innovative start-ups, and made profound contributions in defining public policy and positively impacting our society.

ITU houses a world-class faculty who deeply appreciate their responsibility to provide their students education of the highest quality which prepares them to become exceptionally well-qualified leaders and brilliant innovators in their desired fields. ITU faculty and students work on cutting edge research to solve key problems, and have won many international awards, including highly competitive, most coveted research awards that are given to a very few select researchers across the world.

While ITU began as a specialized institute of higher education which centered around computer science, today it fields faculties in a broad range of disciplines that address many important issues and problems we face in today’s world. ITU provides an outstanding opportunity for transdisciplinary education, research, innovation, and policy development which breaks the traditional silos of academic exploration and allows chartering new territories that open a wealth of opportunities for all citizens irrespective of their background, financial standing, or social status.

ITU looks forward to continuing its role as a trailblazing university that makes long-term impactful contributions in Pakistan and abroad!”

Vice Chancellor, ITU – Punjab