SILK ROADS CONCEPT IS BEYOND CPEC-Says Dr. Di Meglio President Asia Centre France

SILK ROADS CONCEPT IS BEYOND CPEC-Says Dr. Di Meglio President Asia Centre France
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December 19, 2016

Chinese concept of the Silk Roads is beyond the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, and involves several other routes through Central and South East Asia. This was stated by Dr Di Meglio, President of the Asia Centre in Paris France during a talk on: ‘Economic, Strategic and Environmental Consequences of the New Silk Roads’ at the Centre for Governance and Policy at IT University here today.

Dr Di Meglio further said that the Chinese plan for a very long term and they were hoping that these routes would take shape in 35 years, by the time of the 100th anniversary of the Communist Revolution. That was a very long time and lots of things could happen by that time,’ Dr Di Meglio who is an expert on China exclaimed.

‘China was also rapidly changing, and so we must not treat it as an old Communist country,’ emphasized the speaker who had just returned from a trip to Beijing. On CPEC he said ‘China is very keen to see CPEC succeed. It is a very key part of its larger initiative.’Speaking on the international scenario, Dr Di Meglio said ‘the new Silk Roads will certainly redefine global geo-politics but we will see its nascent results only in the medium to long term.’

Jean-François DI MEGLIO, currently the President of Asia Centre, a Paris-based, independent think-tank studying contemporary Asia, which he contributed establishing in 2005. Jean-François DI MEGLIO has most recently been co-editor of two Routledge-edited books: “China and the global financial crisis: a comparison with Europe” (2010) and “Framing China’s energy security” (to be published later this year). His main focus in international relations are monetary and macro-economic policies and energy security. He is a frequent contributor to large-audience French and international media (TV, radio, newspapers), including People’s daily (Chinese edition). Jean-François DI MEGLIO is an alumnus of Ecole normale Supérieure in Paris and Beijing University. Before joining Asia Centre, he had been working in the financial industry for more than 25 years and held general management postings in Greater China and North America, as well as in Paris-based head offices of financial institutions