ITU’s Newsletter- April Issue

ITU’s Newsletter- April Issue
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April 1, 2015

ITU’s first ever newsletter elucidates ITU’s unique, project-oriented and research driven approach to education by supplementing it with intriguing details about its cutting-edge research centres i.e. IPAL, CTG, BAL that aim to produce locally relevant and pragmatic solutions to pressing real-world problems. This newsletter provides a thorough insight on the well-rounded and diverse curriculum it offers and the top-notch faculty members it hires. Besides this, it expounds on the foreign funded projects that ITU’s handles which aim to alleviate poverty, augment employment opportunities and improve immunization records of children. The newsletter lucidly describes the focus of ITU to produce a workforce of positive game-changers.

For more information, stay tuned for the next interesting newsletter!

ITU Issue 01 - April 2015