ITU Trainings Facilitates Civil Judiciary

ITU Trainings Facilitates Civil Judiciary
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September 18, 2014

In line with its mission of eradicating Pakistan’s problems, Information Technology University (ITU) works to promote the field of e-governance in Pakistan. E-governance employs IT to improve governance structures and ease citizens’ access to government organization. ITU’s department ITU Trainings has embarked on a series of training sessions in collaboration with the Punjab Judicial Academy (PJA), aimed to enable members of the judiciary to improve judicial processes with the aid of technology.

The first of these sessions, titled Workshop on the Use of Information Technology Module in Civil Courts, was held yesterday at ITU. Over eighty Civil Court Judges and Senior Civil Court Judges were in attendance, and were given an introduction to basic IT modules; including e-mail management, free conference-calling methods, document processing and online research techniques which could be useful in case research. The session was conducted by Mr. Sami Khan of ITU Trainings, Ms. Maleeha Ather of Punjab Information Technology Board, and Dr. Shahid Soroya, who is the Chief Librarian at ITU.

Mr Sami Khan, who is also the head of ITU Trainings, said that he and his department were very excited at the prospect of helping train members of the judiciary. He said that this workshop was an essential step in aiding government organizations to optimize their efficiency with the help of technology, which aligns with the core missions of ITU Trainings. Mr. Khan revealed that ITU Trainings is planning an expanded follow-up to this workshop and hopes to be able to train over 1500 member of the Civil Judiciary in basic IT management techniques, which will help immensely in streamlining the judicial process.