ITU Scientometrics Lab launches Quality Research Ranking of Universities

ITU Scientometrics Lab launches Quality Research Ranking of Universities
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March 4, 2016

The ITU Quality Research Ranking (ITU-QRR) provides the key quality dimension of research performance of more than 200 Pakistani universities and institutes by using the Scopus database. Dr. Umar Saif stated, “ITU Scientometrics lab has published Pakistan’s first research rankings of universities and institutes. The lab has discovered very interesting and insightful data on where we stand in quality research.”

The Quality Research Ranking system provides objective data and analyses to benchmark research performance in traditional disciplinary subject areas as well as interdisciplinary areas, for the purpose of strengthening the quality and impact of research in Pakistan.

Dr. Saeed Ul Hassan, Director of the Scientometrics Lab, said, “ITU Quality Research Ranking is a first step that will go a long way to start a culture of quality research in Pakistan.” The ITU Research Rankings supports universities to determine their own research profile and identify niche areas in which they can excel; to make more rational and strategic resource allocation decisions; and to publicize program strengths. This will ultimately help Pakistani universities improve the quality of research that is being produced and aid Pakistan in becoming a knowledge based economy.

The ITU Quality Research Ranking system has brought attention to the research landscape of Pakistan and highlighted the focus of Pakistani researchers on quantity rather than quality of research. The ranking system has received coverage from national news channels and prestigious publications such as MIT Technology Review, Pakistan.