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Evidence Based Policy Designing

Through the developed courses, exercises and case study, participants not only draw on the concept and importance of Evidence Based Decision Making but also focus on real life application of the knowledge. This technique has proved to be extremely effective with the professionals as it not only opens new continents of their minds but also paves way towards intellectual honesty and analytical thinking which further promotes the use of technology for better administration through data capturing, data analytics and data visualization.

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Introduction to Evidence Based Policy Making

Data Capturing

  • Introduction on Mobile Apps
  • Introduction to Data Plug
  • Hands on Practice

Data Analytics

  • Introduction on Data Analytics
  • Demo
  • Introduction to Google Maps Engine
  • Hands on Practice

Data Visualization

  • Introduction on Data Visualization
  • Introduction to Tableau
  • Hands on Practice


Currently, PITB is giving these trainings to government officials from National Management College and Senior Management Wing.


Senior Management Course
Mar 2-Mar 3
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National Management Course
Feb 11-Feb 17
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Senior Management Course
Oct 10-Oct 11
List of Participants
Sept 24-Oct 2
List of Participants
National Management Course
Sept 2-Sept 6
List of Participants
June 16-June 19
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