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Student Societies

Student Societies at a university help students become well-rounded individuals and bring color to campus life. There are four student societies at ITU which encourage the development of leadership, professional and personal strengths in the students.

Tech Entrepreneur Society (TES)

The aim of ITU’s Tech Entrepreneur Society is to provide students opportunities to discuss their innovative entrepreneurial ideas with industrial experts. TES encourages students to follow their creative interests and connects them with relevant people to help them convert their ideas into a marketable products or services. Any project or program under CS and EE can be revamped to this end under the auspices of this society. Students can come up with new business plan ideas and would be assigned a faculty member for its development and support. TES focuses on identifying, cultivating, and supporting entrepreneurs within the ITU community.

ARTIST Society

The Artist Society is a platform for those who want to indulge in the arenas of music, theater and other artistic activities. The society provides opportunities for students to nurture, develop and express their artistic talents.

SPORTS Society

The official sports society of ITU coaches students and conducts a number of sporting events. Sports currently under the umbrella of the society include Football, Cricket, Table Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Chess etc.

ITU Voice

ITU Voice is a society which aims to provide students with literary and oratory interests a platform to not only express their ideas and thoughts on literature, social and political issues but also to engage in critical discussions on them.

Book Club

The Book Club aims to foster critical thinking and dialogue in students by cultivating in them the passion to read. The Club meets once a month and discusses the selected book, the subjects of which may vary from social, economic or popular view, be it fiction or nonfiction.


IEEE is a global organization that combines all technical professionals and work for the advancement of technology.
Here at ITU, IEEE merges all the technical knowledge and skills in such a way that every student from any field can have a basic idea and knowledge of different technical work. So to fulfill this need, IEEE plans different workshops that enhance the skills of the students and provides facilities to its members by giving them free memberships and massive discounts to attend the technical and non-technical events in other universities. Our members can get access to thousands of research articles which keeps them up-to-date regarding latest research and technological reforms.


Young Peace and Development Corps(YPDC) ensures the promotion of youth-led and youth-responsive approaches to development and conflict resolution processes and institutions in Pakistan through dialogues, discussions, skill-building and competitions. It also promotes youth as an active leader and partner in peace development. Our concerted effort is to eliminate different biases (Cultural/Religion/ Caste) through inter and intra-cultural interactions.


IAC is an initiative by the student body of Information Technology University and it aims to highlight the social, environmental, physical and mental health issues. The stigmas pertaining to these problems often undermine their importance on public forums which has motivated our team to map out the ways in which this club would work as a community service society. The members are all set to brew healthy discussions, give back to the community, ingress into the practical demonstration of kindness and support, look for the solutions and bring them to life.

ITU Media Club (IMC)

The ITU Media Club has been developed as a platform for students interested in the media arts, ranging from traditionally made film and photography to more experimental multimedia products. By engaging students in a co-curricular activity, the society hopes to not only provide them with an outlet for their creative instincts, but also to introduce them to a lucrative skill.
IMC aims to do this through a series of lectures and workshops administered by top-tier professionals, and rigorous practice via activities like photo-walks and competitions. The IMC assists the university by augmenting the ITU media team’s coverage, and by publicizing the smaller student events that fall through the cracks and do not receive full coverage. All of these activities are designed with the philosophy that developing basic literacy in the arts will give students a more holistic education; while the full array of “art” is beyond the scope of our society, we hope to at least fill this chasm in education with technology-based, media art”.