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EE 242: Electronic Circuit Design
Spring 2016


Talha Rehmani

Email: talha.rehmani@itu.edu.pk

Lectures: Tuesday & Thursday, 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM

Office Hours: Thursday 03:30 PM – 5:00 PM


Electronic Devices & Circuits

Course Overview

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of microelectronic circuits.

The topics include modeling of microelectronic devices, basic microelectronic circuit analysis and design, power amplifiers, operational amplifiers circuits, frequency response of amplifiers, feedback amplifiers and oscillators.

Students will receive an assignment every week, which will cover the topics discussed in the class in that week. All the assignments must be completed and turned in by the Tuesday of the week following the one in which they are posted. No late assignments will be accepted.

The course will also have a quiz in every lecture, a midterm and a final exam.

Course Objectives

After this course, students should have a strong intuition and insight of the various discrete and integrated amplifiers, which can be further used to design and optimize circuits’ performance.  This includes the modeling, biasing, gain and frequency response of such amplifiers.  Operational amplifiers and its circuits should be in the grasp of the student.

Required Text(s)

  1. Microelectronic Circuits, 7th Edition
    Adel S. Sidra & Kenneth C. Smith
  1. Fundamentals of Microelectronics, 2nd Edition
    Behzad Razavi
  2. Related articles, videos and online tutorials (links shall be provided)


  1. Microelectronic Circuits Analysis and Design, 2nd Edition, Muhammad H. Rashid

Academic Integrity

Students are responsible for the content of assignments. Cheating or plagiarism in any form will not be tolerated. Violations can result in an F grade.

Evaluation Criteria

Quiz  15

Assignment  15

Midterm Exams  20

Final  50

Course Outline

Week 1 Special Transistor Circuits

  • Darlington Connection
  • Darlington Common-Emitter Amplifier: DC Biasing, AC Analysis & Model
  • Cascode Amplifier: DC Biasing, AC Analysis & Model
  • Collector-Feedback Biasing: Miller Effect

Week 2 The Differential Amplifier (Discrete)

  • Differential Amplifier Biasing
  • The Differential and Common Mode
  • Integrated Circuit Differential Amplifiers

Week 3 Power Amplifiers

  • The CE and CC Maximum Voltage Swing
  • The Class A Power consideration

Week 4 Power Amplifiers

  • The Class B Amplifier
  • Push-Pull Amplifier
  • Bridge Amplifier & Phase Splitter

Week 5 The Operational Amplifier

  • Introduction
  • Negative Feedback
  • The Non-Inverting Amplifier

Week 6 The Operational Amplifier

  • The Inverting Amplifier
  • The Ideal Op-Amp
  • The Real Op-Amp
  • The Instrumentaion Amplifier

Week 7 Operational Amplifier Circuits

  • Non-Inverting, Unity-Gain & Buffer Amplifiers
  • Summing Amplifiers

Week 8 Operational Amplifier Circuits

  • Difference Amplifier
  • Differentiation and Integration
  • Improved Voltage Regulation

Week 9

  • Midterm Exam

Week 10 Frequency Response

  • The Gain Response
  • The Bode Gain Plot
  • Low Frequency Response: Coupling and Bypass Capacitors

Week 11 Frequency Response

  • High Frequency Response – The Miller Effect
  • Multistage Amplifiers
  • Op-Amp Frequency Response

Week 12 Feedback Amplifiers

  • Negative Feedback Basics
  • Positive Feedback Basics
  • Stability of Amplifiers

Week 13 Feedback Amplifiers

  • Voltage Feedback Analysis
  • Voltage Out-Current Feedback
  • Voltage Feedback: Input & Output Resistance

Week 14 Feedback Amplifiers

  • Current Feedback: Input & Output Resistance
  • Current-Out Feedback Amplifiers

Week 15 Signal Generators

  • The Class C Tuned Amplifiers
  • LC Oscillators: Colpitts, Hartley and Crystal
  • RC Oscillators: RC Phase Shift and Wien Bridge

Week 16 Review Session

  • Review Session
  • Guest Lecture

Week 17

  • Finals


The course schedule and content may be modified by 15 – 20% as the semester progresses.