Dr. Muhammad Ramzan

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National Centre for Academic Integrity
6th floor, Information Technology University (ITU),
Arfa Software Technology Park, Ferozpur Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

UAN (042)-111-111-ITU (488)

National Centre for Academic Integrity

National Centre for Academic Integrity (NCAI) is the first center of its kind to be established in any Pakistani University. The need of the National Center for Academic Integrity (NCAI) is to combat cheating, plagiarism, and academic dishonesty in higher education. The main purpose of establishment of NCAI is to identify and promote the values of academic integrity amongst students, faculty members and researchers. This Centre shall support the values of integrity, which create new ideas, bring innovation through research, produce research-based products and generate new theories and ideas. NCAI shall help produce highly-skilled and competent graduates with high standards of honesty and professional ethics to serve community. The aim of the center is to provide awareness and guidance among students to avoid plagiarism and to promote the sense of academic integrity.

Academic Integrity Research

The effective policies can only be designed with the help of empirical research. NCAI shall conduct research in order to understand the awareness level, current practices and impact of current policies. The research activities would help the institutions to develop and implement academic integrity policies in effective manner.

Representing Pakistan at the International Forum of Academic Integrity

With dishonesty in education so rampant, this dilemma needs to be carefully analyzed under the supervision of an Institute which embodies honest academic standards and can best represent Pakistan regarding academic integrity on an international forum. Raising the level of Pakistan about academic integrity at the international level is the priority of NCAI, as this will ultimately develop the credibility of Pakistan’s academic output.

Preparation of Academic Integrity Policies

The effect of academically dishonest behavior on students, researchers and administrators of the different Institute at higher education needs to be carefully investigated, and appropriate policies should be formulated to resolve this issue. NCAI works for preparing academic integrity policies and to bring awareness among the masses to detect plagiarism at the higher-education level. The academic integrity policies provide guidance to avoid plagiarism in universities and higher-education institutes. NCAI, in collaboration with other institutions, will work to formulate academic integrity policies, which will surely help to promote a better image of Pakistan at the national and international level.

Liaison with National and International Institutions

The linkage encourages researchers and students to learn, create, bring innovative ideas and share knowledge responsibly. NCAI provides a platform for students’ and researchers’ own efforts and discoveries to be appreciated at the national and international level. NCAI facilitates conversations on academic dishonesties ranging from cheating and plagiarism to pedagogy and best practices.

Academic Integrity Awareness Campaign

NCAI works to promote values of integrity by organizing seminars, workshops and conferences for researchers, students and administrators to raise the standards of education and awareness about intellectual crimes. NCAI will provide guidance to students in order to avoid plagiarism and bring innovation in research.