Application Deadline
October 1st, 2020.

Amazon VA Training


Amazon VA Training


This course will enable the pass outs to become familiar with Amazon as a Virtual Assistant.

In contrast to other short freelancing courses, this program is termed as Virtual Assistant for Amazon. Trainees will be learning the ways of being a Virtual Assistant for Amazon to take projects from customers and working from home as per customer’s requirement. The trainee will be able to deal with all the administration and customer support related to Amazon as well as able to find a product and launch in the marketplace.


Name of Course                                 Amazon Virtual Assistant


On successful completion of this course the trainee should be able to:-

  1. Manage an Amazon Account.
  2. Understand the use of different data research tools for Product Research and Product Sourcing for Amazon.
  3. Order Fulfillment tasks starting from Inventory replenishment to shipping FBM orders to customers.
  4. Providing customer service for Amazon Customers on client’s behalf and handling Returns, Refunds.
  5. Management of an Amazon Listing from inception to optimization.
  6. Advertisement campaign Management for Amazon (PPC).
  7. Product Launch and Ranking
  8. Working on Upwork and Fiverr as Amazon Virtual Assistant.


S. No Detail of Topics
1. Introduction to E-Commerce Markets

1.1        Concept of E-Commerce

1.2         Difference E-commerce Platforms

1.3         Business Cycle of E-Commerce

1.4         Benefits of E-Commerce Market vs Traditional Market

1.5         Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage & DropShipping

2. Introduction to Amazon

2.1                      Introduction

2.1.1                                      Objective of working as an Amazon VA

2.1.2                                      What is Amazon

2.1.3                                      Why we choose Amazon vs other marketplaces

2.2                                              Amazon Business Models

2.2.1                                      Amazon FBM vs FBA

2.2.2                                      Amazon FBA Wholesale

2.2.3                                      Amazon Drop shipping

2.2.4                                      Advantages and Disadvantages of each Model

3. Amazon Product Research Tools

3.1                Introduction to Product Research Tools

3.1.1                      Understanding Jungle Scout

3.1.2                      Understanding Merchant Words

3.1.3                      Understanding Helium10

3.1.4                      Understanding Viral Launch

3.2                Category Analysis

3.2.1                      Understanding Gated Categories

3.2.2                      Main Category and Sub-Category

3.2.3                      How to get a category ungated

3.3                 Keyword Research

3.3.1                      How to get Keywords for a product

3.4                Product Research Techniques

3.4.1                      Understanding what sells on Amazon

3.4.2                      Using Alibaba to find products

3.4.3                      Tips to find products

3.4.4                      Choosing a competitor in a targeted niche

4. Sourcing & Logistics

4.1  Finding & Contact Suppliers

4.1.1     How to Find Suppliers on Alibaba

4.1.2     How to contact suppliers using appropriate methods

4.1.3     Understanding Supplier Selection Criteria

4.1.4     Understanding shipping methods and Inco terms

4.1.5     Contacting Freight Forwarders for shipment

4.1.6     How to negotiate with suppliers

4.1.7     Understanding Amazon Logistics

4.1.8     How to place order with a supplier on Alibaba

4.1.9     Dos and Don’ts

4.1.10  How to do inventory planning

5. Listing Creation

5.1 All about Amazon Listing

5.1.1     Understanding Amazon Listings

5.1.2     Pre-Requisites of an Amazon Listing

5.1.3     How to create a Listing on Amazon

5.1.4     Understanding Title, Bullet Points and product descriptions

5.1.5     Understanding Backend search terms for a list

5.1.6     Retouching Images for Amazon listing

5.1.7     Listing optimization using different tools

5.1.8     Understanding Dummy listings

5.1.9     Understanding EBC / A+ Content

5.1.10  How to add variations

5.1.11  Understanding FBA and FBM offers on the list

5.1.12  Dos and Don’ts

6. Order Management and Customer Support

6.1 FBM Order Management

6.1.1     How to fulfill FBM orders

6.1.2     How to handle returns and refunds

6.2   Shipment Plan

6.2.1      Checklist before creating a shipment plan

6.2.2      How to Create Shipment Plan

6.3   Customer Support

6.3.1      How to handle customer questions

6.3.2      Proper way of communicating with customers

6.3.3      Dos and Don’ts of Customer Support

7. Amazon Cases and Report Handling

7.1 Amazon Cases

7.1.1                                      Understanding the purpose of Amazon cases

7.1.2                                      How to open Amazon cases for your problems

7.2                      Amazon Reports Handling

7.2.1                                      Understanding Different Business Reports

7.2.2                                      Understanding Different Inventory Reports

7.2.3                                      Understanding Different Advertising Reports

7.2.4                                      Understanding other Reports on seller central

7.3                      Amazon Trademark & Brand Registry

7.3.1                                      Why we need a Trademark for Amazon

7.3.2                                      Understanding Brand Registry and its benefits

7.3.3                                      Understanding Different Inventory Reports

7.3.4                                      Understanding Different Advertising Reports

8. Advertising on Amazon

8.1 Amazon PPC

8.1.1                                      What is Amazon PPC?

8.1.2                                      Understanding type of Advertising Campaigns

8.1.3                                      How to create Advertising campaign

8.1.4                                      How to calculate ACOS

8.1.5                                      How to optimize the PPC campaign

8.1.6                                      Dos and Don’ts for PPC campaign

8.2                      Lightning Deals

8.2.1                                      What is a lightning deal?

8.2.2                                      How to get lightning deal?

8.2.3                                      Dos and Don’ts of a lightning deal

8.3                      Digital Coupon

8.3.1                                      What is a digital coupon?

8.3.2                                      How to make a digital coupon?

8.3.3                                      Dos and Don’ts of a digital coupon

8.3.4                                      What is Early Reviewer Program

9. Product Launch and Rank on Amazon

9.1   Launching and Ranking

9.1.1                                      What is a launch?

9.1.2                                      What is ranking?

9.1.3                                      Different methods of L&R

9.1.4                                      Understanding Bumboo Launch

9.1.5                                      Understanding HyperLaunch?

9.1.6                                      Understanding ManyChat

9.1.7                                      Understanding Facebook Ads

9.2                      Facebook, ManyChat & Pixelfy

9.2.1                                      What is a Facebook Ad?

9.2.2                                      How to manage Facebook Ad Budget

9.2.3                                      Understanding Target Audience

9.2.4                                      How to create a Facebook Ad?

9.2.5                                      What is ManyChat?

9.2.6                                      Where to get existing MC flows?

9.3                      Bumboo Launch

9.3.1                                      Dos and Donts of a Launch

10. Working as a VA on Upwork and other Platforms

What is Upwork and why we choose Upwork

How to create Upwork Account

How to get clients on Upwork

How to communicate with a foreign Client

What to charge the client

Understanding complete A to Z process

11. Business Ethics for Amazon Business

Business Ethics

Understanding Business Ethics

Taking a loss to give value to your client

Keeping everything of your client confidential

Honoring the agreement even at a loss

Dos and Don’ts of Business Ethics as VA