Application Deadline
October 1st, 2020.

2D Animation from Sketch to Sprite


Learn how to design and animate a character in Photoshop! Join aspiring students and professionals, and begin designing game characters and animation.

Looking to creating professional game graphics or maybe you want to learn a new skill to add to your portfolio, you will make the right choice in selecting this course.

The 2D Animation from Sketch to Sprite Course will should you how to create high quality, stylized characters and animations for both production and games. The techniques taught in this course can be translated into just about any asset creation.

The course is divided into 6 modules:

  1. Photoshop basics
    • Understanding the layout
    • Exploring tools
    • Creating and editing type
    • Using various selection and masking techniques
  2. The design process
    • Understanding the process of designing a character for animation
    • Understanding colour and how to use it effectively
  3. Building character assets
    • Using Photoshop to create game assets/character
    • Exploring time saving tools and tops for efficient workflow
  4. Sprite sheet creation
    • Building animation sprite sheets
    • Using Photoshop to create animations
  5. Animation cycles
    • Understanding keyframes and timelines in Photoshop
    • Using layers, keyframes and the timeline to animate
  6. Presenting your work and finding work
    • Understanding the value of presentation
    • Exploring freelancing opportunities