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May 14, 2018

The Robotics Expo being the flagship event of Information Technology University (ITU) the Punjab, has influenced students, roboticists and professionals from all over the country for almost four years now, says a message received here today from the founding Vice Chancellor of ITU Dr. Umar Saif who is currently on a visit to the US for a meeting with Bill Gates, World Bank, DC Urban Institutes and many other leading institutes and schools.
The message sent on the holding of ITU’s 8th Robotics Expo here today further says that in the era of technological and Makers revolution, the students and faculty of ITU have played an immensely key role in establishing the foundation of this revolution here in Pakistan, which is a matter of proud for the whole nation. ITU freshman students of 2nd semester showcased their 20 projects that offer modern technological solutions to many problems of both local and global relevance.
The Country Director of QALCO and CEO of the Lahore Qalandars, Mr. Atif Rana the chief guest of the event extremely impressed by the project demonstrations and said that it was encouraging to note that the people of this new generation were not just extremely creative but highly motivated to make this country a better place every day. ITU and PITB’s efforts toward introducing technological innovation to the country’s every possible domain of public interest, and to the game of cricket, has been remarkable, he added.
Talha Rehmani, the lead of robotics program at ITU while elaborating the event said that ITU’s flagship mega event Robotics Expo has inspiration from an international robotics movement where undergraduate students make robots to address locally relevant problems. ITU and its robotics activities were a highly reputed and leading force in the field and have proven its worth in the research & academia, he stated.
He added that the main theme of 8th Robotics Expo emphasized on providing access, imparting knowledge and encouraging youth about the use of Robots and it was truly satisfying to work with these creative undergraduate second-semester students who also have a sense of commitment towards their community as well when they are applying their knowledge to take care of locally relevant issues at this level.
The key Robotics projects displayed in Expo included Macho – a wall climbing giant robot with two legs that can climb the walls, glass, & woods, Dots – a unique braille system designed to improve the communications for blind people, Mahi – A robotics platform with cameras and sensors that can swim in the water, Tesla – a bipedal Humanoid Robot prototype to explore control and walking patterns, Rise – a tree climbing platform, Zuki – a robot for speech therapy, Ekaki – robot that can draw certain patterns and write things in real-time and Seguir – a robot that detects and follow human-face in real time and establish communication. The presence of well-renowned personalities including various faculty members of prestigious universities such as LUMS, NUST, FAST-NU and UET, and CEOs and representatives of notable international companies encouraged the students. They expressed pleasant surprise at the level of engineering design the ITU freshman year students have been able to demonstrate at this level. Because, according to them, it is hard to find any students of second semester from any university of the country who are able to build and present such fine-tuned, intricate and robust robots.