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December 8, 2017

The Information Technology University (ITU) of Punjab has opened its Online Admission Portal for undergraduate programs starting in Fall 2018 and the graduate Executive MBA in Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (EMBITE) starting in Spring 2018.

The deadline for submitting online undergraduate applications, for this cycle, is February 3, 2018, and the admission tests for eligible students are scheduled for February 17, 2018.  For the EMBITE program, online admissions are open till December 31, 2017, admission interviews and decisions will be processed in January 2018 and classes will commence on February 10, 2018.

The undergraduate programs include BS Economics with Data Science, BS Management & Technology, BS Computer Science and BS Electrical Engineering. Applicants who have successfully completed their F.A./F.Sc./A-Levels/High School Diploma or International Baccalaureate, or will do so by Aug./Sept. 2018, are eligible to apply to the BS programs.

The new BS Economics with Data Science degree ensures a thorough grounding in economic principles and quantitative analysis.  It will equip students to pursue careers in evidence-based policy making and addressing political and social questions using data analysis. The ITU BS Management & Technology is a unique program which combines technology and business management skills. Students will develop an interdisciplinary focus while benefitting from latest research and relevant industrial practices. They will interact with entrepreneurs and managers, gain experience through internships and rigor through an extended project.

The ITU BS Computer Science degree aims to impart a research-oriented and design-centered computer science education to students, and thus produce innovators and IT specialists who will transform the IT landscape of Pakistan. ITU’s BS Electrical Engineering degree program seeks to impart a research-oriented, state-of-the-art education to the next generation of electrical engineers. The BS EE program will equip ITU students with the fundamentals and practical knowledge which will enable them to contribute to sectors including energy, health, computing, networked communications, environmental monitoring and information security.

The graduate degree, Executive MBA in Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (EMBITE) provides skills and knowledge to those who are interested in starting a new business or those who are interesting in growing their businesses.

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