EHSAAS Undergraduate Scholarships Program (2019-2020)

EHSAAS Undergraduate Scholarships Program (2019-2020)
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April 28, 2020

Student Deed of Agreement 
List of selected students by the Institutional Scholarship Award Committee (ISAC) for EHSAAS Undergraduate Scholarship Program (2019-2020) after due diligence with interviews and verification.

Sr no. Student ID Student Name Department
1. BSCE19005 Khurram Saddique Computer Engineering
2. BSCE19006 Muhammad Mobeen Faryad Computer Engineering
3. BSCE19008 Atique Ahmad Computer Engineering
4. BSCE19009 Aroosa Batool Computer Engineering
5. BSCE19015 Muhammad Muzamil Computer Engineering
6. BSCE19022 Ali Hamza Computer Engineering
7. BSCE19023 Zain Tariq Computer Engineering
8. BSCE19035 Muhammad Samar Azhar Computer Engineering
9. BSCE19042 Akif Ejaz Computer Engineering
10. BSCS17049 Mehroz Ali Computer Science
11. BSEE18027 Zain Ul Abidin Electrical Engineering
12. BSEE18038 Hafiz Abdul Samad Electrical Engineering
13. BSEE18046 Qamar Iftikhar Electrical Engineering
14. BSEE18060 Mehboob Alam Electrical Engineering
15. BSEE19015 Hassan Raza Electrical Engineering
16. BSEE19049 Bilal Ahmed Electrical Engineering
17. BSMT18030 Syed Zaeem Ul Hassan Thanvi Management & Business Studies
18. BSMT18031 Ahmed Bin Aslam Management & Business Studies
19. BSMT18041 Abdullah Aslam Management & Business Studies
20. BSMT18052 Muhammad Tahir Tayyab Management & Business Studies
21. BSMT19026 Hafiz Muhammad Bilal Tariq Management & Business Studies

Continuation of the Scholarship in Subsequent Semesters:

  1. The performance and the character of the selected students will be strictly observed / evaluated on each semester basis.
  2. If any student found in any indiscipline / misconduct within campus or the information provided in his/her scholarship form proved false / fabricated at any stage of his/her study period or could not maintain his exemplary CGPA as per University rules, his/her scholarship will be cancelled immediately and the whole received scholarship amount will be recovered followed by disciplinary action against him / her.

Note: This scholarship is nontransferable to any other public/private university/academic program/academic session.