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Usama Bin Shakeel
Teaching Fellow
MS – Computer Engineering, Information Technology University, Lahore

Mr. Usama chose to work on the problem “Interactive Learning through Mobile Devices for Kids”, as thesis for his masters. In Pakistan, education is provided in public and private sectors through different programs. It is socially believed here that learning leads to success and progress, therefore the formal mode of learning is education. Education in these systems can pedagogically be grouped into two types: education through memorizing (Banking Model) and education through analyzing and understanding (Problem-Solving Model). Education through memorizing involves rote learning and suppresses creativity. This learning transforms its students into least productive components of the socio-economic engine. In contrast, education through analyzing and understanding accentuates creativity, which is an important human resource. Thinking of possible solutions to it introduced him to the world of Artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks.


Mr. Usama’s interest in computers and digital gadgets was cultivated at an early stage by the considerable encouragement of his father. He is an architect and allowed Mr. Usama to experiment with the hardware and software of personal computers at his firm. Technology was an emerging trend in his third world country, with struggling middle class families striving to get a grip on it. He is guilty of forcefully inserting RAMs into a system in the opposite direction and getting it burnt. Through the endless support of his family and academic trials and errors, he managed to complete his undergrad in Computer Engineering from the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences. His perseverance and passion for the subject led him to academic success of winning a gold medal in Computer Engineering. He was on the dean merit list every semester in his undergrad and scored a CGPA of 4.0 during his Masters in Computer Sciences. He managed to maintain his performance in Master’s as well and was on the dean merit list for all four semesters. Managing challenges and resolving complex problems is his forte.

  • Gold Medal in Bs Computer Engineering
  • Gold Medal in Masters in Computer Science