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Program & Course Outline

The degree offers interdisciplinary studies in development and development policy at the global cutting edge in this field. The courses combine knowledge in the social sciences with mathematical statistics using big data techniques to enable evidence based design of development policy. These studies are placed in the perspective of the philosophical traditions of the East and the West that nurture the consciousness of love and reason to build a more humane and tolerant society.

  • MS Development Studies: Development, Technology And Policy
Semester I
S.No. Title of Course Credit Hours
1. Key Challenges in Development and Policy: Environmental Crisis; Inequality; and Violence 3
2. Mathematical Statistics and Use of Big Data Techniques for Research 3
3. Philosophical Issues in Economic Development: Ethics, Capabilities, and Rationality 3


Semester II
S.No. Title of Course Credit Hours
1. Concepts, Values and Knowledge: Historical Development of Social Science 3
2. Research Methodology for Development Policy 3
3. Evidence based decision making and the role of Big Data in Public Policy 3
4. Technology and Policy with a Data Lab component 3


Semester III
S.No. Title of Course Credit Hours
1. The Making of the Modern World 3
2. Political Economy of Development 3
3. Thesis 3


Semester IV
S.No. Title of Course Credit Hours
1. Thesis 3
2. Development and Public Policy in Pakistan 3