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Program & Course Outline

Through MSDS degree, students will develop their real-world problem-solving skills using data science, which will differ from the typical classroom problems students are usually exposed to solve. At ITU, we believe in the solution of problems with high social impact. The curriculum will also take into consideration the needs of the industry including stakeholders in business, social media, education, health, and entertainment. The master program would prepare students to actively contribute to various related fields of data science, such as computer vision, big data analytics, scientometrics, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, and computer security.

  • More precisely following course would be offered in MSDS program:
Semester I
S.No. Title of Course Credit Hours
1. Tools and Techniques for Data Science 2+1 (lab)
2. Statistical and Mathematical Methods for Data Analysis 3
3. Information Retrieval and Text Mining 3
4. Research Methodology 1
Semester II
S.No. Title of Course Credit Hours
1. Machine Learning 3
2. Big Data Analytics 3
3. Deep learning 3
Semester III
S.No. Title of Course Credit Hours
1. Elective Course 3
2. Thesis I 3
Semester IV
S.No. Title of Course Credit Hours
1. Elective Course 3
1. Thesis II 3
Total Degree Credit Hours 31