Application Deadline
March 13th, 2020.

Trainings & Short Courses

As per notification received by Government of the Punjab regarding closure of educational institutions due to Corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak, Information Technology University will remain closed for all academic activities for three weeks; March 14 – April 05, 2020.
The academic activities will resume from Monday, April 06, 2020.

As a premier research university, Information Technology University of the Punjab (ITU) is providing summer executive training programs and short courses to mid-career professionals and students. ITU shall leverage its cutting-edge research and technological infrastructure in order to equip the participants with sound professional and technical skills.

Participant students and professionals would benefit from this unique opportunity to enhance their research skills, career opportunities and pursue their own ventures. The cluster of academia, industry professionals, entrepreneurs and researchers would be able to serve as a microcosm of quick learning supported by well-equipped ITU labs.

The certifications and courses are separate from the regular degree programs being offered at ITU.