Dr. Khurram Bhatti

Contact Info

Dr. Khurram Bhatti
Department of Electrical Engineering,
Embedded Computing Laboratory
6th floor, Information Technology University (ITU),
Arfa Software Technology Park, Ferozpur Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

P (92) 42 35880062
Ext : 6057

Embedded Computing Laboratory (EC Lab)

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Welcome to the Embedded Computing Laboratory (EC Lab) at the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Information Technology University (ITU), Lahore. The research group is directed by Dr. Khurram Bhatti. Embedded systems contain various combinations of different subsystems with different applications. The research focus of EC Lab is to address computing artifacts such as digital systems, computer architectures, computing models, algorithms, and software from the perspective of the requirements and constraints related to embedded systems such as power & energy efficiency, security, predictability, and real-time so as to propose novel techniques for modeling, optimizing, and verifying current and future embedded computing systems. The EC Lab aims at designing innovative computing systems for the mobile and embedded domain that offer high performance, flexibility, energy-efficiency, and predictability.

Research Thrusts:

  • Parallel Computing Systems
  • Real-time and Mixed Criticality Systems
  • Power and Energy Efficient Computing
  • Multicore & Many-core Scheduling
  • Operating System Exploitation for Trusted Many-core Architectures
  • FPGA-based Digital Design