Application Deadline
October 1st, 2020.

Public Speaking: Communication Skills and Personality Development


Lecture 1 Communication, importance, definition and its impact on personality development.
Emotional Intelligence, EQ VS IQ
Lecture 2 Types of Communication, 7C’s of Communication, Effective and Efficient Communication and the basic principles, barriers in communication. 10 traits of highly confident people.
Lecture 3 Modern Technology for communication. Writing the Creative concepts and its content development, review of grammar, Word formation by adding prefixes and suffixes.
Lecture 4 Verbal and Non Verbal Communication, Individual Cultural Variables, Traits of Good Communicators.
Lecture 5 Principles of Business Communication, Concreteness of Communication, Vocabulary
Development: Terminology, Idioms and Phrases Assignment 1
Lecture 6 Presentation of Assignment 1
Lecture 7 Common Errors, Use of dictionary for learning to pronounce, Language practice and Negotiation skills
Lecture 8 Audience psychology and presentation skills, Public speaking
Lecture 9 Interview Techniques Discussion, Debate and Negotiation skills
Lecture 10 Telephonic/Email or Social Media Conversation
Lecture 11 CV writing, Listening Reading Comprehension (Exercise of prescribed short answers) Topic Selection for Assignment
Lecture 12 Project Presentation

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