Application Deadline
October 1st, 2020.

Mobile App development (IOS)



This short course will strive to train the candidates with core iOS development concepts and give them hands-on development experience in the most essential features set used currently. Moreover, we’ll touch upon some basic freelancing and professional attitude flaws that should be avoided and some traits that help in professional life.


Basic programing knowledge.

Programing Languages and Algorithms.

System and Tools Required

Macbook/Hackentosh/VM with MacOS


**If you don’t have above mentioned tools let us know we’ll arrange a WorkStation for you. You can practice and work on it using TeamViewer

Course Outline:

# Topics to be covered in the course
  • Introduction to Mobile Programming
  • Class Logistics, Overview of iOS,
  • Objective C Intro, Swift Intro
  • Xcode and simulator Demo
  • Feature set we’ll learn during the course
  • Foundation
  • Interface builder
  • Basic type of Application navigation
  • Tab-Based Application
  • Master-Details Application
  • Application Life Cycle
  • Reading Assignment 1
  • Different Controls that make an Application
  • Image View, Web View, ScrollView Table View
  • Camera
  • Keyboard
  • Core Data
  • Reading Assignment 2 Developing
  • iOS application Basics
  • Starting a project
  • Basic Project Skeleton
  • Programming Essentials
  • Fundamental Design Patterns used
  • Hello World Demo with basic controls
  • Labels, Text Fields and Buttons
  • Programming Assignment 1
  • Developing iOS application part 1
  • Address book based application
  • Exploring address-book framework
  • Developing basic features of Address Book
  • Programming Assignment 2
  • Developing iOS application part 3
  • Exploring CoreImage Frame Work
  • Camera and Photo Library
  • Core Image effects and filters.
  • Manipulating images and Saving.
  • Programming assignment 4
  • Developing iOS application part 4
  • Further Exploring Image Manipulation
  • Animation and transitions
  • Gestures Demo with image scaling translation and Rotation
  • Basic Audio and video Features
  • Programming assignment 5
  • Developing iOS application part 2
  • Exploring Social Frameworks
  • Login Using Social platforms
  • Social share
  • Programming assignment 3
  • Developing iOS application part 5
  • Exploring Core Location and Mapkit
  • Core Location Basics
  • Getting the current location
  • Placing a pin on Map
  • Customizing the pin
  • Mocking location on simulator if you don’t have device
  • Live Location updating on map
  • Programming assignment 6
  • Advance Programming features
  • Push Notification
  • In App Purchases
  • API Calling and response handling
  • Application Deployment and Sharing
  • Debugging and Crashlytics
  • Provisioning Profile creation.
  • Application signing and upload to Appstore
  • Professional Do’s and Dont’s
  • Freelancing rules and basics
  • How to handle your first Interview
  • Q&A Session

Instructor Profile:

Ms. Sana Ahmad’s professional career started in 2009 during her final quarter of MS in LUMS, it was her first dive into iOS development as well. She has 11 years of professional experience which started as a software engineer at Tkxel. In a year She was the Team Lead managing her own projects as well as training junior and mid-level resources. She served this role for around 3.5 years and then embarked into the realm of entrepreneurship, by starting her first software startup RêveApps. This experience brought new challenges her way including establishing herself as a freelancer and leading a team. The core idea behind RêveApps was to work with start-ups and established brands, mostly from the US, as their development team, assist them in launching their mobile/web idea, furthermore help them to achieve their funding and seeding capital goals. She is also a founding member and CTO for another start-up LiveWire, a custom solution provider for software development and staff augmentation across the entire product development. During her period as an entrepreneur, She worked with international and local clients including MixCord, NatGeo, Moga-PowerA, getPikkUp, Favly, QuranIQ, Jazz, Ufone, and Jubilee. She has also worked with a team of 40+ developers, managed and trained them as IT professionals.Now here she is with yet a new endeavor professional teaching, intending to bridge the gap between the fundamental training and professional requirements.