Technological Interventions in the Public Sector

Technological Interventions in the Public Sector
May 9, 2014

One of the most vital aspects of the Center for Technology and Governance (CTG) at ITU is the technological interrventions it launches in collaboration with public sector departments in order to improve governance and empower citizens.

One such initiative is a project designed by CTG for the Punjab Planning and Development department. In this project, CTG will collect three forms of data on public works from various districts in Punjab; data on roads, building and water supply. This data will then be used by concerned government servants in geotagged format using CTG’s Government Open Data Kit (G-ODK) platform for proper monitoring and evaluation of public works in the province. G-ODK is a drag and drop smart phone application builder designed for data collection for effective M&E and is supported by a back-end dashboard for data analytics.

The main aim behind systematically collecting this data and making it accessible is to enable concerned stakeholders to effectively monitor the progress of these public works with reference to their allocated and released budget, thus aiding CTG’s goal of increasing transparency in the public sector.

This effort is spearheaded by Mr. Burhan Rasool, who is an advisor to CTG. CTG is looking forward to deploy this pilot project in the month of May.