Latest from ITU Trainings: Ruby on Rails Workshop

Latest from ITU Trainings: Ruby on Rails Workshop
December 16, 2014

Information Technology University’s Department of Industry Trainings and Events has one major goal in mind: to help students, researchers, academics and industry professionals become acquainted with the best resources and tools available in the field of Information and Communication Technology. The department has carried out innumerable workshops and training sessions to this end; these have always been conducted by the leading professionals and researchers in the field.

The Department of Industry Trainings and Events’ latest offering was an open-house session on 12th December for an upcoming intensive workshop on Ruby on Rails; an enormously useful development tool which provides web-developers a framework within which they can easily write code. To elaborate, a key principle of Ruby on Rails development is: convention over configuration. The Rails framework helps developers build websites and applications with great ease as it abstracts and simplifies common repetitive tasks. Rails is written in Ruby, a programming language which has a great appeal for developers as it is ‘elegant and terse’.

This open house session was conducted by Mr. Wasim Akram, a renowned web-developer who is proficient in the use of Ruby on rails. The subsequent workshop will also be conducted by Mr. Akram.

Mr. Sami Khan, the head of ITU’s Department of Industry Trainings and Events said that his department is working devotedly in line with ITU Vice Chancellor Dr. Umar Saif’s vision to provide maximum support at all levels to Pakistan’s fledgling IT industry. Mr. Khan also expressed his satisfaction at the response his department is getting; over a hundred people were present at the open-house session. This is indeed a positive sign and spells great hope for the future of our country’s software professionals.