ITU Training opens a semester-long course for game development professionals

ITU Training opens a semester-long course for game development professionals
October 2, 2014

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ITU is offering a semester-long program ‘Design of Interactive Learning Applications’. The program will be conducted by two highly esteemed academicians from the industry, Dr Ashraf Iqbal, Professor and force behind the Centre for Innovative Technologies in Education at NUST and Dr Yasira Waqar who received her PhD in instructional Technology from Columbia University, NY.

The program is designed to make the students and professionals step out of their comfort zones and think outside the box to learn new skills to stay ahead of the industry’s rapidly evolving technologies, trends and emerging platforms. Interactive Learning Applications is a 60 Billion Dollar industry and we want to play our part in harnessing our country’s finest brains to benefit from it.

The benefits do not have a solely financial impact but also a positive impact on the socio-cultural fabric of a society. “Edutainment’’- the merging of technologies between educational and entertainment content- can open up endless possibilities for teaching and learning by increasing the outreach. Edutainment can help fill the gaps created by barriers like language, geography and other demographic indicators.

Program Overview:

  • Review and integration of central practices and theories in instructional technology
  • Storytelling, drama & entertainment through discussion involving analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation
  • Course deliverable is a learning application to be pushed on Mobile and web Stores like Playstore(Google) Appstore (Apple) and others
***Tools Required Lua, C# for Games, Corona SDK, Unity3D, Game Monetization, Analytics and User Acquisition
*Fee No Registration Fee
15,000/-(For complete 5-month program)  OR
4000/-month for 5 month program
*Schedule Twice a week classes in evening slots
Lecture: 6pm-9pm on Fridays
Lab session: 5pm-8pm Saturdays