Crossing into New Realms of Cloud Computing: Interviews with Open Stack Workshop Team by ITU

Crossing into New Realms of Cloud Computing: Interviews with Open Stack Workshop Team by ITU
October 9, 2014

“One thing I was really impressed by in this country was the talent of its young people and their eagerness to learn more,” said Mr. Horst Dumcke, the founder and president of Marsylys- a consulting company- and the lead trainer at the ITU Trainings’ Open Stack Workshop.

On his first visit to Pakistan eight years earlier, Mr. Dumcke realized that there were very few opportunities for Pakistanis to harness their talent. Looking to bridge the knowledge gap between Pakistan and the West, Mr. Dumcke came to ITU to deliver a free-of-cost training session on Open Stack; an open-source cloud-computing platform which is often deployed as an infrastructure service solution.

“History has not really been fair to Pakistan,” pointed out Mr. Dumcke. He went on to say that he was very impressed by the intelligence displayed by the audience of the workshop and hoped that his efforts and the nature of the open-source software he was providing training in would help level the playing field and create lucrative job opportunities for Pakistani professionals.

The Open Stack Workshop was facilitated by Mr. Nabeel Nawaz, the CEO of Technknox Systems- a software solutions and web development company. Completing an MBA from INSEAD and having worked in 8 different countries over 16 years, Mr. Nawaz decided to break free from the “corporate chain” and started Techknox Systems. His vision was to create a company which delivered top-of-the-line software solutions and was also a desirable place to work. Mr. Nawaz also wishes ardently to give back to the society and so he helps arrange such workshops which bring down the barriers between Pakistani professionals and the international job market in terms of skill sets. “Ultimately, I wish to see the software industry as part of healthy ecosystem between researchers, students and entrepreneurs. This workshop is also a part of this effort.”

Open Stack is a relatively new offering in cloud computing and as it is an open-source software, its use ultimately leads to human capital development. For this reason, it is extremely relevant to introduce the use of this software in Pakistan as it could not only contribute to workforce skill development but can also help create employment opportunities for the local workforce in the international market.

Mr. Dumcke and Mr. Nawaz also commended the professionalism and dedication of ITU’s department of Training and Events and expressed their delight over the fact that such a professional culture was emerging in Pakistan.

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