Design for Development Showcases Exciting Projects

Design for Development Showcases Exciting Projects
July 21, 2014

ITU’s Innovations for Poverty Alleviation Lab (IPAL) organized the Design for Development Expo to showcase the exciting products developed by this year’s DLAB 2 students. Design Lab 2- a unique coursed offered at Information Technology University (ITU)- equips students with the skill and theory required to use design to create products which could offer effective solutions to developing world problems

Ideas presented by ITU students are exciting and innovative in nature, Dr. Subash Chandir of Interactive Research and Development

The expo was held at ITU and was attended by students, academics and industry professionals. Students presented their projects in detail and received encouragement, critique and suggestions from a panel of judges. The judges included faculty from the country’s top universities, such as the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) and leading industry professionals from organizations like Interactive Research and Development (IRD).

Built around the ideas of maximized convenience, affordability and efficiency, ITU students’ cutting edge design prototypes included HYDRA, a product designed to address the problems of load-shedding and shortage of cold water in rural and disaster-affected areas, a Khoya Maker which increases the shelf life of milk and as well as the yield of its by-products, and an Aloe Vera extractor. Among other interesting projects were Gluco Check- a Bluetooth-enabled medical health applications for diabetes patients which builds a centralized database and patient history management system and an efficient fruit-dryer which makes the fruit-drying process more efficient and thus empowers farmers. Some of the most lauded projects were an ICTD baby monitor and a solar charger for disaster-struck areas.

IPAL has taken an excellent initiative in the form of this Design Expo, Mr. Umer Bhatti of the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES)

The judges expressed their appreciation for the effort and innovation of ITU students and offered them detailed and constructive advice. They lauded them for developing solutions which address very relevant problems in the health, energy and agriculture sectors and will help empower the common man.