Data Science Demo Day

Data Science Demo Day
August 17, 2015

Under the supervision of Dr. Faisal Kamiran, the Data Science Lab at ITU organized the Data Science Demo Day where students were able to unveil their projects, showcase data science in practice and illustrate its widespread benefits. ITU students were able to present innovative products in Data Mining that provide technological solutions for complex, locally relevant problems. These projects included Lahore Urban Planning Analysis, West Nile Virus Prediction, Job Trend Spotter Applications and Trends in Pakistan Poultry Prices among many others.

Projects like the “Short Term Load Forecasting and Unit Commitment” can be used to predict load behavior in the future. This project could be used to plan resources, balance the supply demand and be useful to the electric industry in Pakistan, which is plagued by annual shortages in the supply of electricity. Other projects like the “Lahore Urban Planning Analysis” can be used to address the problem of town planning. The aim of the project is to assist the district management in improving the infrastructure of the city by making land use projections, route planning, and prediction of future urban planning including road widening.

A team of students also presented a project called “Facebook Keyword Analyzer”, which notes user engagement based on topics on Facebook. The analyzer utilizes several pieces of information including the “most liked” and “least liked” topics on social media. This information can be utilized by researchers, students, and social media handlers. Research is currently being done at ITU to make use of the information from social media, extract high quality impact from it and apply it for the purpose of evaluation of multiple disciplines. So, the “Facebook Keyword Analyzer” is a progressive use of Data Mining that can be put to good use in the social media savvy world.

Data Mining is a highly sought-after skill in today’s competitive market. The Data Mining projects present an opportunity to not only boost economic development as well as government forecasting & planning but also to improve security and personal safety of citizens. The project titled “Secure Me” presented a product that can predict the possibility of crimes in the vicinity. The program gets GPS coordinates, analyzes the security situation in that area and predicts the level of security and the probability of specific crimes happening there.

These projects were made by the students of the Data Mining course at ITU and they were assessed by a panel of esteemed judges including Dr. Saeed Ul Hassan from ITU, Dr. Asim Karim from Lahore University of Management Sciences, Dr. Faisal Kamiran from ITU, Mr. Tauseef Iftikhar from Government College University and Dr. Mohsen Ali from ITU. The event was hosted by the Data Science Lab; the lab is already collaborating with the Pakistani government on several innovative government projects such as Crime Pattern Detection, Dengue control and the Metrobus Data Analysis.