Cyber Security in Today’s Era of Internet

Cyber Security in Today’s Era of Internet
April 20, 2016

As our lives are becoming easier due to our increasing reliance on the internet, cyber security has become the need of the hour. Information Technology University, Lahore hosted a workshop on Cyber Security in Today’s Era of Internet on Tuesday, April 12, 2016. The workshop enabled students and faculty to learn more about cyber security, the latest threats and trends, and future challenges.

Syed Abid Ali, the Chief Commercial Officer at INFOGISTIC, hosted the workshop. INFOGISTIC is a leading IT Security Consulting & Technology Company in Pakistan and specializes in information security consulting. The company has partnerships with leading technology providers in the world such as Kaspersky, McAfee, IBM, RSA, Barracuda and GFI.

During the workshop, Syed Abid Ali talked about how cyber security was becoming a major concern in today’s internet age. He pointed out many incidents of cyber attacks that had happened both locally and internationally. In Pakistan, the websites of more than 5 banks were hacked in 2012. In another incident in the country, a virus that encrypts confidential information impacted 2 Telco’s in 2015.

There have also been many international cyber attacks. In 2014 in the United States, a hacker group targeted the huge film studio, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and was able to leak a lot of confidential information. The leaked data included employee emails, unreleased Sony films, personal information about Sony Pictures employees and their families, and confidential information about the salaries of executives at the company. Not only this, but entire countries such as Estonia have also been subjected to cyber attacks which have targeted the websites of organizations such as the parliament of the country, banks, ministries, newspapers and broadcasters. It had taken both the individual companies and the countries’ months to completely recover from these attacks.

The participants of the workshop were able to learn how to adapt a structured approach for defining their information security requirements, design an enterprise security framework to address these requirements and learn more about the kind of controls that are available to protect their information assets.

Syed Abid Ali concluded the workshop by providing participants with more information about how they can make their personal information and email accounts more secure. The workshop was attended by many faculty members and students who were eager to learn more about cyber security, information security and cyber management.