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Dr. Muddasir Shabbir
Associate Professor
PhD - Computer Science, Rutgers State University of New Jersey, USA

Algorithmic and Discrete Geometry, Combinatorics, Extremal Graph Theory


Mudassir Shabbir received his PhD from Division of Computer Science, Rutgers University, NJ USA. His main area of research is Algorithmic and Discrete Geometry. He has developed new methods for the characterization and computation of succinct representations of large data sets with applications in nonparametric statistical analysis. He also works in Combinatorics and Extremal Graph Theory.

Previously, Mudassir has worked at LUMS, Lahore, Los Alamos National Labs, NM, Bloomberg L.P. New York, NY and at Rutgers University. He was Rutgers Honors Fellow for 2011-12.

  • Computing Small Hitting Sets for Convex Ranges. S. Langerman, M.Shabbir, and W. Steiger. To appear in XVI Spanish Meeting on ComputationalGeometry, 2013.
  • Decontamination of Graphs. Y. Daadaa, A. Jamshed, and M. Shabbir. submitted to ESA 2013 2013.
  • Ray-Shooting Depth in R2 - Algorithms and Applications. M. Shabbir. submitted to WSCG 2013 2013.
  • Centerat Conjectures for Points in d-dimensions. N. Mustafa, S. Ray, and M. Shabbir. to appear.
  • Computing Small Hitting Sets for Convex Ranges. S. Langerman, M. Shabbir, and W. Steiger In FWCG`12, 2012.
  • Ray-Shooting Depth: Computing Statistical Data Depth of Point Sets in the Plane. N. Mustafa, S. Ray, and M. Shabbir. In ESA 2011: 506-517 2011.
  • Acceleration of Smith-Waterman Using Recursive Variable Expansion. Z. Nawaz, Z. Al-Ars, K. Bretels, and M. Shabbir. In DSD`08, 2008.

Rutgers Fellowship Award, 2010-2012
3rd Position in National Softec‘04 Dynamic Programming Competition
1st Position in SoftComp3 on Spot Speed Programming Competition
2nd Position in SoftComp2 On Spot Speed Programming Competition
4th Position in Lahore Open Programming Competition (LOOP)