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Dr. Izza Aftab

Posted on: April 19th, 2014 by izza aftab

Dr. Izza Aftab has done her PhD in Economics from The New School of Social Research at The New School University as a Fulbrighter. Prior to that, Dr. Aftab did an MS in Public Policy from Beaconhouse National University.

Dr. Aftab is an Assistant Professor of Economics at ITU’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences. She is setting up the Economics Department and its research agenda. The research agenda is geared towards evidence based policy making using Big Data. This not only distinguishes our Department from others in Pakistan, it also puts us at the forefront of the discipline.

Dr. Akmal Hussain

Posted on: April 19th, 2014 by Akmal Hussain

Dr. Akmal Hussain has a B.A. honours and M.A. degrees from the University of Cambridge and a Doctorate in Economics from the University of Sussex. He is currently Distinguished Professor and Dean, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Information Technology University, Lahore, and Co-chair, South Asia Centre for Policy Studies. He has contributed papers as a panelist at conferences across the world, including Harvard University, Society for International Development, Rome and the UNDP. He has also done research for the World Bank and the ILO. He has advised governments in Pakistan on economic policy at the highest level as an independent economist during the period 1989 to 2001 and later in 2010-11. He has also contributed to policy discussions at Wilton Park UK and at consultative forums organized by the governments of the Netherlands and Japan respectively. More recently he has contributed to the international deliberations organized by the UNDP in Bonn, on sustainable development goals, which contributed to the drafting of the SDGs document. He helped build organizations aimed at poverty alleviation and development at the village, district, national and regional levels. He was principal author of the UNDP Pakistan National Human Development Report 2003 and more recently the UNDP Report on Inclusive and Sustainable Development 2017. He has authored/co-authored 41 other books on Development.

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