Communication Officer

Shiza Imran

Contact Info

6th floor, Information Technology University (ITU),
Arfa Software Technology Park, Ferozpur Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

P (92) 42 35880062

ITU Training

ITU is committed to becoming a center of excellence for the IT industry in the region. In addition to offering degree programs in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering- wherein top notch academicians and industry professionals teach academic courses, ITU-Training offers workshops, seminars and training sessions geared towards enhancing the skill set of professionals working in the local IT Industry. It is thus a platform where high achievers of the nation give give back to the society by sharing their skills and experiences through training sessions

Such training events will be pivotal in bridging the gap between local practices and global best practices. They will also inculcate a higher quality of professionalism, superior skills in our regional resource bank, and a methodical approach towards building scalable products and companies. Participants in such sessions will get the opportunity to interact with the finest trainers from across the country and industry leaders, some of whom have previously worked and/or have consulted organizations like Google, Apple, P@SHA, Visa, DHL, Sony, AT&T, Agilent, Merrill Lynch, General Motors, UPS and many more. This platform also acts as a portal of Pakistani entrepreneurs and technologists that broke the chasm and made it big.