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Programs & Course Outline

The degree programmes at ITU aim to impart a research-oriented and design-centred computer science and technical education to students, and thus produce innovators and IT specialists who can transform the IT landscape of Pakistan. The programmes at ITU combine rigorous coursework with exciting research opportunities based on real-world problems and industrial collaborations, thus ensuring a broad-based education which can lead to numerous diverse career paths. Courses are designed and taught by ITU’s world class faculty and research is conducted in collaboration with ITU’s numerous research centers.

  • BS (Computer Science)
  • BS (Electrical Engineering)
  • MS (Computer Science)

Information Technology University is home to some of the most venerated academic programs in the world, having established the fields of technology, the first technology research oriented university in Pakistan.

Degree Structure
Name of Program Computer Science
# Category Credit Hours
1 Computing Courses 70
Core Courses 43
Supporting Areas 12
General Education 15
2 Computing Science Courses 48
CS Core Courses 18
CS Electives Courses 21
CS Supporting Areas Courses (Electives) 9
3 University Electives 12
Total Credit Hours 130

ITU’s BS Electrical Engineering degree aims program consists of a breadth of knowledge in electrical engineering, a depth of knowledge in a particular area, and preparation for life-long learning.

Degree Structure
Name of Program Electrical Engineering
# Category Credit Hours
1 Engineering Domain Courses 90/93
Computing Courses 9
EE Foundation Courses 29
EE Core Courses 23
EE Specialization-based Electives 19
IDEE 6/7
2 Non-Engineering Domain Courses 40/45
Humanities 19
Management Sciences 6
Natural Sciences 20
Total Credit Hours 130-138

ITU’s MS Computer Science degree is centred around the need for computer scientists to master the theoretical foundations of the field and be able to apply and integrate them with other technologies. Our degree also has a great focus on research and innovation designed to grapple with locally relevant problems.
Minimum Credit Hours required for graduating:

Credit Hours
Core 12
Electives 12 or more
Thesis 6

Core Courses:

The core courses that all students must take in order to complete their MS degree are as follows:

  • Advanced Algorithms
  •  Advanced Operating Systems
  •  Computer Architecture
  •  Theory of Computation


Currently the Electives being offered are as follows. This list is being added on by the university

  •  Advanced Networks
  •  Advanced Programming
  •  Computer Vision
  •  D-Lab
  •  Data Bases
  •  Data Mining
  •  Entrepreneurship
  •  Software Engineering